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Data Network

Data Network

The data network is the lifeblood of any organization. Most operations performed by an organization will depend on the data network at some point in the process. From physical infrastructure and data cabling, to computers, servers, phone systems and WIFI.

Data Network Services


Computers: The PC is the most significant business tool in the workplace. PC configurations vary greatly depending on their intended purpose. As such an important part of an organization, it only makes sense to consult with an expert to assure that the equipment you choose is properly configured and routinely maintained and optimized for your organizations intended use.

Managed Services

Managed Services: Managed services let your organization offload specific IT operations such as alerts, security, patch management, data backup, recovery and much more. Offloading routine infrastructure management to our experienced technicians lets you concentrate on running your business, with fewer interruptions due to IT issues. The average business saves up to 40% on their overall I.T. expense when they utilize managed services.


Servers: Servers provide a myriad of services for an organization. Security, file sharing and user management are just a few. Without them, it is likely your daily operations could come to a inconvenient stop. Whether your servers are on premise, on cloud, or in a rackspace, we can help keep your servers configured and maintained for optimal performance and maximum uptime.

Cloud Services

Cloud: Cloud is the biggest thing to impact data networks since the internet. Cloud services are a perfect solution for off-site backup and recovery service, data replication, off-site storage, virtualization and more. Cloud service gives your organization flexibility and peace of mind knowing that your data is protected, backed up and easily accessible if your organization should experience a disaster.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling: All of that data moving across your network to PC's, Servers, Cloud Services, Phone Systems and internet, need a pathway to get from point A to point B. This makes it very important to have properly installed and terminated data cabling infrastructure done by technicians who know how to avoid situations that could cause interference, slow connections, latency or jitter.


Switches: Switches are the key component of any data network and often the most overlooked. Switches come in a variety of flavors from budget devices that simply move data packets from one device to another, to high end sophisticated switches that are necessary for providing Quality of Service for Voice Over IP (VOIP), Vlans for logical network segregation, routing, and security among others. The right switch depends on the requirements of the devices your organization uses to perform its daily operations. We can help you select right switches for your organizations purposes, and provide, program and configure them for you.


Firewall: Your organizations firewall is the security gatekeeper for your network. The firewall decides what traffic gets in and out of your network. It stops would be intruders with malicious intent. It routes traffic to appropriate devices in your local network. And allows for trusted devices outside your network to use internal devices like servers and printers. Like switches, firewalls cover a whole spectrum from value, to deluxe depending on the needs of your organization. Let us help protect the access to your data network by working with you to provide the right firewall for your data network requirements.


Wireless Access Point: Wireless access (WIFI) is another benchmark technology development that has streamlined the way business is done. Wifi provides freedom and flexibility to your users on multiple devices. However, Wifi is also one of the most complex and tedious data network segments to manage on your local network. Appropriate propagation studies to determine signaling and channeling of access points, Use of hardware or software controller, Building layout and design, will all have to be taken into consideration, along with device usage, bandwidth and throughput in order to make sure your organization has right WiFi setup.

Service Agreement

Service Agreements: Service agreements are the platinum product in our portfolio and the best return on your organizations investment. Service agreements provide the best overall value and the maximum coverage. Think of a service agreement as a way to cover all of the above data network items and then some. It is the best comprehensive I.T. coverage you can get for your organization.